Capture the beauty of your collection in one of our fine wall mounted display cabinets.

Your collection may be of many things in all shapes and sizes.  All our wall mounted display cabinets throughout the entire range have FULLY ADJUSTABLE SHELVING enabling the collector to have a large and varied collection on display in one cabinet.  So whether you are looking for a Toy Collector’s Display Cabinet, a Train Show Case, an Antique Collector’s Display Cabinet, an Aircraft Display Show Case or a Wall Mounted Display Cabinet we can provide one that is right for your collection.


Collectors choose from our wide choice of wall mounted display cabinets again and again for quality, price, design and appearance, for 3 different depths, 7 different frames and optional coloured backgrounds, including mirrors.  Our display cabinets are designed and crafted to the highest standard, handmade in our own workshop in the UK and include all the safety features one comes to expect from one of the leading cabinet manufacturers: TOYMAN DISPLAYS.


Our selections of wall mounted display cabinets have a variety of uses, such as displaying your treasured train or toy collection, be it Corgi, Diecast, Matchbox, Lledo, Vittess, Brumm, Vanguard, EFE or anything else.  A wall mounted display cabinet can be a hugely beneficial display item to add to your home or business.  Wall mounted display cabinets save on space and help you to make the most out of the room available.

Our selection of wall mounted display cabinets has been hand crafted by our experienced team of craftsmen who ensure that each of these wall mounted display cabinets is able to meet the expectations of our UK customers.  That’s why you can always rest assured that you’ll receive a top quality wall mounted display cabinet from Toyman Displays; the one stop shop for all of your wall display cabinet needs.


A single pane of 4mm crystal clear glass gives a totally unobstructed view of your treasured collection (excluding the TM1 Double Door Display Cabinet).  The picture framed door fits over and around the main body of the display cabinet ensuring dust free protection; piano hinged from top to bottom for safety and hidden from sight by the wrap-around picture frame for security and good looks.  36” x 27” & 37” x 30” display cabinets come with safety glass to BS 6206 as standard - safety glass can be fitted on all other display cabinets for an additional £25 where required.


You can buy with confidence — all our cabinets are unconditionally guaranteed.


Once you have found the wall mounted display cabinet you want, it is easy to order over the phone or online and choose your delivery and payment options to suit you or your business.  Your display cabinet will then be made to your specifications and dispatched to you by specialist courier as soon as it is ready.

If you’d like to talk directly to us regarding your wall mounted display cabinet order then pick up the telephone NOW.